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HGV on its way to fracking site in Kirby Misperton

Fracking: when 'no' is not enough

Whatever was left of fracking’s social licence, it’s truly gone now.


A wall of imaginative solutions for a low-carbon Manchester, taken from the listening event

Getting to the heart of the matter

Are our current commitments on climate change really cutting it?


Mark Robinson (centre) in Bonn, canvassing opinions on climate change and economic growth.

A collective threat to our global countryside

A look back at a mixed first week of the international climate talks in Bonn.


Wetter winters and warmer summers are already damaging many treasured heritage sites such as the Birling Gap in East Sussex.

Clean Growth and the countryside

Climate change is destabilising livelihoods across many industries and communities in the UK as homes are flooded, crops fail, and entire settlements are slowly reclaimed by the sea. Increasing numbers of people are now talking about the changing weather as a lived experience.



The power of the next generation

The power of the next generation

Across the country, and far beyond our shores, youth voices are standing up for our…

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