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Our vote for the countryside

27th November 2019

General elections always provide a great opportunity to ask candidates about issues that are important to you – and CPRE’s supporters have been busy making sure potential MPs realise the importance of the countryside and how different issues impact on it.

CPRE has produced its own manifesto to help focus candidates’ minds on the crucial countryside issues and our vision for the countryside, including how it can help the reach net-zero carbon by 2045.

We are urging all political parties to recognise that that everyone has the right to enjoy a countryside that promotes a healthier economy and happier community – and back our ambition to make it happen. We want them to:

  • Tackle the climate emergency, implementing measures to reach net-zero emissions by 2045 at the very latest
  • Improve access to green spaces for everyone, particularly for children and those from disadvantaged communities who do not currently have access
  • Support a well-resourced planning system that empowers communities and promotes development that responds to their needs
  • Ensure the specific challenges faced by rural communities are addressed through meaningful investment in the rural economy

You can help make sure candidates share our ambitions for the countryside by contacting your local MP and sharing your aspirations for your local green spaces.

Together, we can send a message to Westminster for a bold set of reforms to make our vision a reality.

A voter with her bicycle on way to vote at a rural polling station in Shirwell, Devon.
A voter with her bicycle on way to vote at a rural polling station in Shirwell, Devon.


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