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Tell us about your favourite local green space

F2AWB2 10 September 2015: Walworth, South London: Two women on a afternoon walk by the lake, Burgess Park

We recently asked you to send us a video of you in your favourite park or green space for our #LoveGreenSpaces project and be in with a chance to win a £50 Rapanui voucher. The submission date has now passed – and we’re pleased to share our compilation video!

#LoveGreenSpaces video compilation

Parks and green spaces are vital. These living pockets of green and blue give respite to millions, cool our towns and cities and provide a home for so much wildlife.  We want to shout as loud as we can about their value to people, climate and nature. 

But the reality is that for many people – particularly in poorer urban areas – access to green space is very limited. This is completely wrong. Everyone should have easy access to green spaces, whoever they are.

This lack of green space leaves vast areas of England nature-deprived, and those who live there with fewer opportunities to connect with nature – something which has been proven time and time again to boost mental and physical health (read the recent Mental Health Foundation report here).

We need more and bigger parks and green spaces in our towns and cities, and better protections for existing ones. But this isn’t just for our own benefit. They’re a critical nature-based solution to the heating effects of climate change – something that cities are feeling increasingly sharply. Help us send a message to the government: protect and expand our parks and green spaces, and ensure that everyone has access to them. 

Submissions have now closed

Thank you for all your wonderful submissions! Your experiences and stories are so important in helping us demonstrate the value of our countryside and green spaces, so look out for more opportunities to share them soon.