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University of Sussex rooftop solar video – transcript

A series of aerial and close up shots of the University of Sussex rooftop solar accompanies the video.

Text overlay: It’s one of the biggest projects in UK Higher Education – 3,000 solar panels on the roofs of Sussex University – enough energy to power the library for a year. Proof that solar targets can be hit while protecting the countryside for farming and nature.

Samantha Waugh, Sustainability Manager at the university, then speaks:

Samantha: ‘We’re looking at a range of continuing to expand solar on roofs, walls etc. But also there is an area towards the back of the university that we’re considering potentially having an environmentally friendly solar farm on as well – If it’s sensitive to planning restrains and proximity to the national park, where we could potentially have sheep grazing and biodiverse plants mixed in with the panels as well.’

Text overlay: There is strong backing from students. Many share CPRE’s view on the way forward.

Urja Priyadarshini, a sustainability graduate, then speaks:

Urja: ‘I think that’s one of the things about sustainability. It doesn’t have to be ‘either or’, it can be together, so you don’t have to lose the great outdoors. There’s actually solutions right in front of them and we can utilise them, so this is just a great example of that.’

Damilola Ajiboye, an entrepreneurship and innovation student, then speaks:

‘I think it’s very important that the government tries to see how they could subsidise, invest, and make people aware about the need for these projects, because it’s very urgent as well.’

Martha Knott, a biodiversity and conservation graduate, then speaks:

‘That’s definitely something that the government needs to think about: how to work with landowners, whether that’s universities or agricultural landowners about how to balance those two needs of how land is managed and how energy is produced.’

Text overlay: The university has declared a climate emergency, and its policies reflect that.