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Video transcript: A countryside for us all. Forever.

Below is the full transcript of the video ‘A countryside for us all. Forever.’

Person 1:

I love to walk here.

Just me and the elements.

I could walk here forever.

Person 2:

When I’m here, it feels like time stops still.

But all around me nature is growing and evolving.

I feel like I’m part of it.

Person 3:

I grew up swimming in The Lakes, so water’s always been important to me.

And when the world gets me down, I look out at the sea and nothing seems to matter quite so much.

It makes me feel so alive.

Person 1:

I want everyone to experience this.

A countryside for us all.


Person 2:

People think the countryside doesn’t change.

But I’ve seen it threatened so many times.

I want to protect it, as it protects all of us.

There’s so much I want to do.

Person 3:

I want to help it last forever.

And to give it love.

Now until the end of time.

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