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Video transcript: Be a part of something greater

Below is the full transcript of the video ‘Be a part of something greater’.

The land will love us if we let it. Take us where our spirit’s free.

Nature, nurture, pure and simple. If we all could only see.

That if we give space back to nature, thrive together, as we should.

Grow, support, protect and nourish farmland, forest, sea and wood.

But blinded busy lives distract from damage that less care can bring.

Let’s reach out with love and kindness, help sustain the wilder things.

Our two worlds can work together, make our progress side by side.

Moon will rise with stars still shining, we can heal the great divide.

We can make safe homes in brownfield, habitat for common good.

Make connections, swift and agile, destinations understood.

So don’t be lost in isolation, needing hope and neighbourhood.

Be a part of something greater. Now and for the future good.

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