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Video transcript: David Puttnam on the hedgerow campaign

Below is the full transcript for the video of CPRE President David Puttnam explaining why CPRE was stepping up their hedgerow campaign for the new decade.

One of our latest campaigns is an effort to save the remaining hedgerows.

We’re sending one of these leaflets out to every MP, and anyone else for that matter, who could help in protecting this important part of our landscape.

Hedges not only look good, they also provide a haven for wildlife.

Unfortunately, since the war, untold miles of hedgerows have been bulldozed and today we’re losing them at an unprecedented 4,000 miles a year.

What we want is for hedges to be given the same status as trees so that they can be properly protected and damaging work can be halted, if necessary by the courts.

Watch the video on YouTube.