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Video transcript: We are the countryside

Below is the full transcript for the video ‘We are the countryside: help build a thriving, beautiful countryside for everyone’.

The countryside…

Get away from the hustle and bustle? The traffic? The noise?

We “country folk” are more than you expect.

We’re up early to feed the herd. The commute two hours, three buses to get to college.

We work hard. On lates, on call, driving, jabbing, roasting.

It takes that extra effort to make something here but it’s all the sweeter for it.

You see, we don’t choose the countryside for the easy life. We’re here to make something. A life. A community.

Always stop to help a neighbour, a stranger. We look out for each other because out here you’ve got to.

From the smallest creatures to the largest characters, we are the countryside and together we look after it. Help build a thriving, beautiful countryside for everyone.

Find out more about CPRE, the countryside charity.

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