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How you can use the CPRE map of Britain’s night skies

Once you’ve got your bearings with the interactive map, it can be a valuable tool in tackling light pollution in your area.

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Using the map to take action on light pollution

Sadly, you’re not alone in feeling frustrated by excessive lighting. Here are a few ideas about how you can take action about local light pollution.

The map has many features. It shows where the truly dark skies are in Britain, as well as where light pollution an issue. Because you’re able to access detailed data for your own area, it can also be a powerful tool to help tackle light pollution. Read on to find out how the map can help you restore dark skies in your area.

1. Get to know your area

Firstly, you can use the map to find your nearest dark skies, to escape from nearby light pollution and experience a dark starry night sky. It’ll also help you understand where the light pollution hotspots are in your area.

2. Lobby your local council

You can use the maps to lobby your local council about light pollution, for example if a particular light source is a problem, and raise the issue with your local MP. You could also write to your local newspaper to raise concerns about local sources of light pollution.

3. Shape what happens in your area

You can look up your local area on our interactive map and use this as evidence to help you shape future developments in your area, so that they either have well-designed lighting schemes or are refused permission if they would cause light pollution in existing dark places.

4. Help inform neighbourhood plans

Parish councils and community groups can use the maps as evidence to inform neighbourhood plans and to shape local decisions about lighting, such as street lights owned by parish councils.

5. An educational tool

Schools can use the maps as an educational resource to teach students about light pollution and the value of dark skies. A lesson plan for Key Stage 1 and 2 children is available here.

A view looking up into a dark night sky with stars overhead

Light pollution and dark sky map

Explore our interactive dark sky map and help tackle light pollution in your area.

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