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A manifesto for coasts and seascapes

Our marine area is becoming increasingly busy, with more shipping, military training, fisheries, energy production, port development and aggregate extraction.  This is placing pressure on what's left of the beauty and tranquillity of our coasts which are such an important part of our quality of life and national identity.  CPRE supports this manifesto for a robust marine planning system that extends the protection that we have for our landscapes to our seascapes.


A step-by-step guide to Unlocking the Landscape

How to prepare a Community Landscape Character Assessment

Community Landscape Character Statements can help to put landscape character at the heart of the local planning system. We have prepared this Step-By-Step Guide to get you started and show the process and benefits of preparing a Statement. Order the full 'Unlocking the Landscape' action pack for more detailed guidance on community involvement and compatibility with the planning process.


An invitation to shape the nature of England

A CPRE response to Defra's discussion document on the natural environment

In CPRE's contribution to shaping Defra's Natural Environment White Paper 2011, we challenged the Government to set out an ambitious landscape-scale approach to conservation, putting existing protected areas and wildlife sites at its heart. This consultation response explains CPRE's belief that the process must be closely integrated with planning reform, while recognising that the intrinsic value of the natural environment is every bit as important as the ‘ecosystem services’ it offers.


Beauty betrayed

How reckless housing development threatens England's AONBs

Some of England's most beautiful landscapes are under threat. 


Campaigning for Countryside Character

This guide outlines a range of way in which local volunteers and groups can work with others to identify, promote and create local landscape diversity and distinctiveness.


CPRE written evidence to EAC Inquiry 25-year Plan

A submission of evidence by the Campaign to Protect Rural England


Defra Smarter Guidance review landscape content and guidance

Our comments on Defra’s Smarter Guidance review of content and guidance relating to landscape.


First Class Five

Securing a future for our finest landscapes


Going, going, gone? England's disappearing landscapes

Evidence from CPRE branches across England shows the unprecedented pressure for development in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs). This report calls on the Government to strengthen planning protection for designated landscapes and review how major development is dealt with in these locations, in order to protect and enhance their natural beauty for future generations.


Landscapes for everyone: creating a better future

A shared vision of why we must treasure our landscapes and how Government can help

CPRE has been leading the development of ‘Landscapes for Everyone: Creating a Better Future’. It is supported by 33 organisations including the National Trust, the Campaign for National Parks, the Ramblers, the John Muir Trust, the Open Spaces Society, the British Mountaineering Council and the Landscape Institute. We have a shared vision of why our unique British landscapes should be better valued for the benefit of current and future generations and what Government action is needed to achieve this.


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