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A girl and woman walk a dog through ferns in a green landscape
Enjoying a summer walk in Northumberland National Park iStock

We believe that landscape is more than just ‘the view’. It’s the ever-changing relationship between people, place and nature.

The landscapes we know and love – from mountains, uplands, moors and the seascapes of our stunning coastline to rolling countryside and green parkland in urban and rural areas – all have their own distinctive character and sense of place. And our landscapes have a vital role in tackling the climate emergency by capturing carbon, cleaning the air, helping to slow flood waters and providing habitats for wildlife.

We want to see thriving, landscapes that are more resilient to climate change by planting more hedgerows and trees, enhancing the qualities that make a place special. And we want as many people as possible to access these landscapes and enjoy their benefits to our wellbeing.

CPRE works nationally and locally for a positive future for all landscapes.