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  • High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill Briefing

    Ralph Smyth, Senior Transport Campaigner for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, says: ‘It’s time to ask how well HS2 fits with a wider, sustainable vision for the country. Trying to reduce all the different costs and benefits of this huge transport...

  • CPRE releases new mapping to protect tranquil countryside from HS2

    populated areas of our countryside. Tranquil areas are important to people and nature; we need to defend them. ‘CPRE’s new HS2 maps show how HS2 could intrude on peaceful parts of countryside. Protecting these special areas may simply mean filling a gap...

  • Designing a faster future?

    surroundings; conversely, it is part of CPRE’s case to the committee that, through a commitment to high quality design, HS2 would not have to be at such odds with the English countryside and could in places seek to enhance it. If HS2 is to signal the...

  • CPRE comments in advance of HS2 hybrid bill

    England is concerned that the Government appears to be back-tracking on commitments to secure any environmental gains from HS2. To maximise the positive impact of HS2 the Government must shift travel from road to rail, regenerate brownfield sites in...

  • Striking new HS2 maps launched

    CPRE has launched new mapping to show how High Speed 2 (HS2) would impact on the countryside.

  • HS2 bill timescale could breach international law

    CPRE warned today (Nov, 26) that the consultation timescale for the HS2 hybrid bill is likely to breach international law. Responding to the announcement that the consultation on the environmental impact of HS2 will end as early as 24 January 2014,...

  • Transport Secretary addresses CPRE on rural roads and rail

    Patrick McLoughlin's speech to CPRE on balancing countryside protection with new road schemes and HS2

  • HS2 Design Panel launch reaction

    Reacting to the launch today of the HS2 Design Panel, Ralph Smyth, Head of Infrastructure at the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: “With HS2 contracts going out to tender, the formal launch of the HS2 Design Panel has come not a moment too soon....

  • Next phase of HS2 gets go ahead: CPRE reaction

    The Government has today revealed its long awaited decision to proceed with phase 2b of HS2 , which would connect Manchester and Leeds with the Midlands. The consultation document says there is currently no funding for junctions to link HS2 better with...

  • High Speed 2

    It's not just High Speed 2 that needs improving but wider transport policy too

  • A Victorian process for 21st century rail

    of hearings, more than 1600 petitioners, more than 15,000 exhibits, 13 site visits and 400 amendments, the final report on HS2 appeared with incredible speed.

  • MPs back our calls for more environmental protection for HS2

    We have been calling for environmental funding to be ring-fenced in HS2's budget plus a new approach to design and landscape protection.

  • HS2 branch seminar

    Hotel, Banbury This seminar was held for CPRE branches affected by High Speed 2 (HS2). It discussed CPRE’s petitioning on HS2 hybrid bills and wider engagement with HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport.

  • HS2 design vision launched

    HS2 has today launched its design vision , a framework document to guide the work of its engineering, architectural and design teams in developing the new high-speed rail system. “The design framework and panel, first committed to by the Secretary of...

  • High Speed 2 - 21st century infrastructure needs 21st century mitigation

    The publication of detailed environmental information for HS2 between London and Birmingham is imminent - the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) calls for a step change in mitigation and information. Ralph Smyth, Senior Transport Campaigner for...

  • Raising concerns on phase 2 of HS2

    CPRE has raised concerns about the impact of phase 2 of HS2 on the countryside and regeneration, and is calling for local communities to have the opportunity to influence the proposals.

  • Is the next piece of High Speed Rail jigsaw in the right place?

    CPRE has raised concerns about the impact of phase 2 of HS2 on the countryside and regeneration, and is calling for local communities to have the opportunity to influence the proposals.

  • High Speed 2 to Scotland

    Responding to the Government publication Broad Options for upgraded and High Speed Railways between the north of England and Scotland , Ralph Smyth, Head of Infrastructure and Legal at CPRE , said: "With capacity and resilience as important as speed,...

  • An integrated network can revive rural transport

    Community rail expert Paul Salveson explores the need for a rural bus revival and more support for cycling in the countryside

  • Right direction needed for Transport and the Countryside

    In advance of the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin’s speech at the Campaign to Protect Rural England's 2012 Annual Lecture, CPRE is setting out five tests for rural transport.

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