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Brownfield is best: how CPRE promotes recycling land for new homes

We at CPRE, the countryside charity, want to see affordable homes built to meet the huge need in this country, and we believe that using previously-used land, or brownfield, is the best way to do this. Here’s our history of campaigning for ‘brownfield first’.

Since our inception, we’ve sought to protect green spaces where possible. And, as we want to see truly affordable homes built for the many people across England in need, this means urging the big developers to use land that’s already been used and is lying neglected.

Our campaign for this brownfield land to be prioritised continues, and we’ve seen some great leaps forward as a result of our pressure on the government.

Read our full breakdown and timeline of our work on the brownfield first approach – and what we plan next on our campaigning journey for better development.

Explore the ‘brownfield is best’ story

View of people shopping and chatting in newly developed area of a city
Our calls for brownfield first for development, such as this area of Bristol, has been heeded by the government Alamy

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The legacy of Ethel’s vision and determination lives on thanks to the continued efforts of the Friends of the Peak District, and she remains an inspiration to everyone within CPRE