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How we helped to end fracking

After the government ditched plans to force fracking on local communities, we’re looking back at what made the campaign such a huge success.

We worked with local campaigners to stand against the government’s plans for fracking, announced in 2018.

This would have been a disaster for efforts to fight the climate crisis, and for local communities unable to have their say on what happens in their local area. We weren’t going to stand for this, and united with campaign groups to tell the government to halt these damaging plans.

A young woman wearing a 'Frack No' t-shirt holds a banner in a protest march
National CPRE staff campaign against fracking during the global climate strike, September 2019

Fast-forward to 2019 to find CPRE campaigners celebrating across the country: the hard work at local and national level had prevailed. The government U-turned to pull their plans for fracking. People power had won out.

Tireless work from committed campaigners made this happen. Here’s our interactive timeline of how we did it.

How we defeated fracking

A fracking rig
A fracking rig Mark Waugh / Alamy