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Do your own walking challenge

A woman walks a white dog along a narrow wooded path flanked with daffodils

Whether you want to walk each hedgerow in your village or hike the breadth of your county over a month, taking on your own walking challenge is a great way to get active, socialise and fundraise for CPRE.

Ready to plan your challenge?

Step 1: Choose your challenge

You have a few options on how to do this. You could choose to do one long, challenging walk, or set a target of miles you want to achieve in a specific time or date frame.

Step 2: Pick the location

Find hidden paths to discover, loop your usual stomping ground or, in the spirit of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, cover the distance from the safety of your own garden.

Why not show the beauty of the countryside through your challenge? It can be an excellent way to reinforce the message of why you’re so passionate about this cause. You could plan a route to take you through areas that are special to you, whether that’s because of happy memories, a fantastic view – or perhaps an area the CPRE helped you protect.

Wherever you choose, take plenty of photos and share them with people to encourage them to support you and CPRE to help protect our countryside.

Step 3: Pick a time and date

This is the joy of a virtual challenge – you can choose whatever time and date suit you best!

Step 4: Find a green theme

If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to the challenge (which will help boost fundraising too), why not include a litter picking element or hedgerow counting as you go? The findings not only help our work, but the environment in the long run.

Time to get fundraising

Once you’ve planned your challenge, it’s time to spread the word and make it easy for people to support your efforts. Here are the top tips for getting those donations in:

  1. Take a read of the tips and tricks for successful fundraising in our DIY fundraising guide and get inspired.
  2. Create a fundraising page. This will be essential for you to collect your donations. Set up a JustGiving page – it’ll allow folks to donate to you and is also a fantastic place to update friends and family on your progress.
  3. Share your challenge. Tell all your friends and family about your fundraising, share your JustGiving page and keep people updated on how your preparations are shaping up!
  4. Have fun! Make sure that you have fun with your challenge and stay safe while doing it.

Oh, and be sure to tell us all about it along the way. We love to hear from our supporters, especially when taking on such brilliant challenges. We’ll be informed by JustGiving of what you’ve planned, but do get in touch separately as we’d love to support you as much as possible and share in the excitement!

Tracking your walk

Working out how best to keep track of your miles? We’ve found that a great way to do this – and also get more people involved with your fundraising – is to track progress with an online system. These can record the exact distance you’re walking, track it on a map and give you loads more valuable data to pore over!

One of the tools we recommend is called Komoot. All you need to do is download the app or visit their website, register and start walking– Komoot does the rest.

For a bit of extra guidance in using Komoot, we have an in-depth guide to help you get started.

Thank you, from the countryside

Whatever walk you choose to do and however you do it: thank you. Whether you’re climbing Scafell Pike by going up and down your stairs or striding across your local Green Belt to celebrate it, you’re helping the countryside that we all feel so passionate about.

And remember: we’re here to support, so feel free to get in touch!