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CPRE statement on equality, inclusivity and diversity

4th July 2020

At CPRE, we believe it is our responsibility to strive for a society where all of us can be ourselves and feel able to reach our full potential, whatever our identity and background.

Our vision is of a countryside for all. A thriving, beautiful countryside to which everyone has access and from which all can benefit, for their wellbeing and in order to participate fully in the enjoyment, enhancement and protection of nature. A countryside which is inclusive and diverse whether you live there or whether you visit. In order to achieve this vision, we at CPRE will ensure that our organisation and all we do is open to all and that we actively address any barriers to participation for any group.

We believe and do this because our case for the countryside depends upon having the broadest and most diverse and inclusive public support possible and because the countryside will benefit from the engagement and attention of people from all backgrounds.

We believe and do this because all the evidence shows that CPRE as an inclusive organisation, comprising people from diverse backgrounds will consistently perform better, that we will make better decisions and because we will benefit from the full capability of all those who want to support us.

Please read our full statement on equality, inclusivity and diversity leadership in CPRE which explains why we believe this and how we put our beliefs into practice.

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The legacy of Ethel’s vision and determination lives on thanks to the continued efforts of the Friends of the Peak District, and she remains an inspiration to everyone within CPRE