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CPRE reaction to Affordable Housing Commission report

CPRE reaction to Affordable Housing Commission report

A new report published today (6 June) by the Affordable Housing Commission estimates that 4.8 million households across England are struggling with housing costs, and proposes a new approach to measuring housing affordability.

CPRE welcomes this analysis of what ‘affordable housing’ means for people, and supports the commission’s calls to peg affordability to no more than a third of income for low earning households.

The report also highlights, as CPRE has long argued, that the current approach of tying measures of affordability to market prices is flawed and does not help to tackle the crisis in housing affordability.

Lois Lane, housing policy and campaigns officer at CPRE said:

‘For rural communities to thrive, our market towns and villages need to be attractive and affordable places to live for all types of people, of all ages, incomes and backgrounds. But this report shows that housing costs are proving unmanageable for many different groups, and affecting people right across the country.

‘People living in the countryside are just as susceptible to the effects of the affordability crisis as those in cities, such as high housing costs and being forced to live far from where they work. Current measures of housing affordability mean that new homes billed as “affordable” are often anything but.

‘We strongly welcome this detailed look at what “affordable” really means for families struggling to make ends meet, and we support the commission’s ongoing efforts to redefine how we measure affordability. We look forward to working with the commission to ensure that the voices of rural communities are heard in the debate about how to fix the housing crisis.’

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