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From Wasted Space to Living Spaces

The availability of brownfield land for housing development in England

The Campaign to Protect Rural England commissioned University of the West of England (UWE) researchers to calculate an accurate figure for housing capacity on suitable brownfield land and specify how such land might be brought forward for development. To explore this further, the report considers the economic and policy drivers for brownfield development and how they can bring sites back into use, and analyses a number of local authority approaches to identifying land and engaging with local communities.


Shedding light leaflet

A survey of local authority approaches in England - key findings and recommendations

In early 2014 CPRE carried out a survey of English local authorities to find out how they approach lighting in their areas. The results presented in the Shedding Light report create a detailed picture of lighting issues in England, with the aid of a number of local case studies. The report also makes nine recommendations to help local authorities reduce light pollution and protect existing dark areas while saving energy.

This leaflet summarises the key findings and recommendations from the full report.


Fieldwork: Winter 2014

In this issue: CPRE's new housing land supply research; Government guidance to help protect Green Belt; how to respond to solar farm applications; using National Character Area profiles in local planning; CPRE's manifesto for the 2015 General Election; ideas on creating a greener Britain.


Communities and Local Government Committee’s (CLGC) inquiry into litter

A response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Communities and Local Government Committee’s (CLGC) inquiry into litter. 

Our Stop the Drop campaign aims to provide short and long term solutions to the problem of litter and fly-tipping in England’s countryside, although the campaign is also relevant to urban and marine areas. We do this through a combination of lobbying, liaison and direct action with national and local government, statutory bodies, other third sector groups, industry and local communities, including by promoting voluntary public action on litter. 

This submission will only address aspects of the inquiry to which we can give a considered response.


Better not bigger

Why strategic roads need a green retrofit programme

Alongside a dozen other transport and environmental groups, CPRE has set out its aspirations for a 'green retrofit' programme. This would reduce the environmental impact of roads, such as by improving conditions for cycling and restoring tranquillity by tackling noise.


Technical consultation on planning

A consultation response from Campaign to Protect Rural England


The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) welcomes this opportunity to comment on the Department for Communities and Local Government’s consultation on several changes to the planning system.



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