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Rural Reconnections

The social benefits of rail reopening

The cost of reinstating railway lines to modern standards can be significant. This is therefore only likely to happen where there is a compelling reason to do so. But with the demand for rail growing year on year, investment in rail capacity between and within our major cities is proving essential. So this report asks – by way of a case study – whether it is now time to consider whether railways in rural areas should be expanded, too.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) commissioned Greengauge 21 to examine the wider impacts of reopening the Plymouth – Tavistock – Okehampton – Exeter railway, as a second main line for Devon and Cornwall. Until now, the investment case has been driven by a need to ensure that the South West is not cut off by severe weather and landslips on the existing line. The event driving the examination of this proposal was the lengthy closure of the line after sea damaged the railway line at Dawlish in February 2014.

So far, little consideration has been given to how a second line could better serve the rural area through which it passes. This report considers these local economic and social impacts of such a move.


Improvements to compulsory purchase processes

Response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England to the DCLG and HM Treasury technical consultation

CPRE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the Department for Communities and Local Government and HM Treasury’s consultation on improvements to compulsory purchase processes. We supports the principal aims of the consultation, namely to make the compulsory purchase regime clearer, fairer and faster and to encourage development of brownfield land.


Getting Houses Built

How to accelerate the delivery of new housing

This fourth report in CPRE's Housing Foresight series looks at how to accelerate the delivery of new housing in England.


Beautiful by design

A new aesthetic for the road network

This landmark speech was given in March 2015 by the Rt Hon John Hayes MP, when he was roads minister, to CPRE and the Campaign for Better Transport. It outlines a noble vision of greater harmony between our road network and our priceless countryside. This publication includes a foreword by Sir Andrew Motion, CPRE President, and an introduction from Colin Matthews, Chairmain of Highways England. More information about the speech is available in our features section.


Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill - Second Reading

A CPRE Briefing for the House of Commons

CPRE welcomes this Bill and its aim to devolve power. We are concerned however that some of the safeguards that apply to devolution in Greater London, regarding consultation and securing sustainable development, are not included in the Bill at present.


Building more homes on brownfield land

Response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Consultation

CPRE's response to the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation on measures to increase the building of homes on brownfield sites.


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