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Recent publications

Night Blight 2016: Mapping England's Light Pollution and Dark Skies

CPRE's report looking at the findings from our interactive satellite maps of England's light pollution and dark skies. 


Night Blight 2016: Background report and methodology

Background report and methodology for Night Blight 2016


CPRE's policy on planning

Good land-use planning is the unsung hero of environmental protection. It can encourage urban regeneration, curb urban sprawl, help slow the growth in road traffic, protect the beauty and tranquillity of the countryside and safeguard wildlife habitats. Effective planning is more important now than ever before with economic pressures and a growing population leading to more development intruding into the countryside. Precious Green Belt land is being eaten away despite a Government commitment to protect it. Proposed new legislation concerning the planning for major infrastructure projects presents a serious challenge to the integrity of the planning system.


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