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Recent publications

Landscapes for everyone: creating a better future

A shared vision of why we must treasure our landscapes and how Government can help

CPRE has been leading the development of ‘Landscapes for Everyone: Creating a Better Future’. It is supported by 27 organisations including the National Trust, the Campaign for National Parks, the Ramblers, the John Muir Trust, the Open Spaces Society, the British Mountaineering Council and the Landscape Institute. We have a shared vision of why our unique British landscapes should be better valued for the benefit of current and future generations and what Government action is needed to achieve this.


From field to fork: Ely

Mapping the local food web

This report is part of a wider project, Mapping Local Food Webs, and reveals that Ely's local food web supports over 400 jobs at outlets and local suppliers, and supports local suppliers with turnover of over £10.4 million. The report sets out the main findings on the benefits of the local food web to Ely and the challenges and barriers to a stronger local food system together with recommendations for action for local authorities, businesses and the community.


Neighbourhood Plans: how they are working towards CPRE's vision for the countryside

A CPRE briefing

We hope this will be a useful resource for those working on, or considering embarking upon, a neighbourhood plan for their areas. In particular, it highlights the potential of neighbourhood plans in addressing the core themes of landscape, transport and design.

The briefing explores neighbourhood planning policies made between April 2012 and September 2014 with reference to the aspirations of CPRE’s 2026 Vision, and seeks to identify good practice that CPRE local groups and other community groups might follow.


Infrastructure Bill - Second Reading

A CPRE briefing for the House of Commons

The Infrastructure Bill covers a wide range of issues that affect the countryside. We believe we need to build many more homes to meet the growing need for affordable housing but they should be provided in the most suitable locations and through a plan-led system. We need to make better use of existing transport and energy infrastructure, as well as take smarter decisions on new investments, to reduce demand rather than drive it. Major infrastructure lasts for generations and needs to be planned carefully, taking account of environmental considerations and the views of local communities.

Our briefing outlines CPRE's priorities for lobbying on this important piece of legislation.


The Rural Challenge 2015

CPRE is a key member of the Rural Coalition. The coalition, chaired by Lord Robin Teverson, comprises 14 members who subscribe to a vision for a living and working countryside.

The policies required to achieve that vision are set out in The Rural Challenge 2015, which was published in December 2014.

The Rural Coalition is committed to following up the messages of The Rural Challenge 2015 by communicating with Parliamentarians in the run up to the General Election and engaging with the newly elected Government.


From Wasted Space to Living Spaces

The availability of brownfield land for housing development in England

The Campaign to Protect Rural England commissioned University of the West of England (UWE) researchers to calculate an accurate figure for housing capacity on suitable brownfield land and specify how such land might be brought forward for development. To explore this further, the report considers the economic and policy drivers for brownfield development and how they can bring sites back into use, and analyses a number of local authority approaches to identifying land and engaging with local communities.


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