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Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit

Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit

Mapping your local 'food web' - the connections between producers, retailers and consumers - will highlight its importance for your local economy, landscape and community. Our new toolkit provides all the materials and guidance you will need for a successful project.

"The toolkit is invaluable for local people campaigning for farmers' markets or against supermarkets. It will help you to gather information and evidence which will engage the council and community and gather real momentum behind local food."
Rosemary Moon
Cookery writer and local food champion in Chichester

A sample page from the Toolkit
(Above: a sample page from the toolkit)

Using the toolkit
The toolkit contains meeting plans, questionnaires and guidance notes to help you gather, analyse and present information from your local food web. As well as promoting local produce and independent shops, the toolkit will help you develop local food stategies and feed into Neighbourhood Plans to protect the benefits of local food in your area.

Download your toolkit now
Please register to download the full Toolkit by filling in your details - this will help us get your feedback on the Toolkit and keep you updated with tips and advice from other projects around the country. Register here and make a start on mapping your local food web!

food web

"Mapping local food is a powerful way to form our own connections to the land, landscape and nature. It is a chance to enjoy seasonal produce, to discover the best, most wholesome and freshest food around and the most distinctive varieties and tastes. It is our chance to support a food network that is rich with variety and diversity and meaning.
It is a chance we need to seize."
Monty Don

After you have registered

The toolkit contains 25 tools which can be downloaded separately below, to allow you to easily print or email individual templates, checklists and questionnaires. You will find guidance on how to use these in the full Toolkit pdf.

(Please note: Tools 15,16,17 and 25 are Excel spreadsheets which are ONLY available below. They have been created using Excel 2007 but should be compatible with earlier versions without loss of functions.)


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